Shaman’s Touch™ is a well-rounded healing modality that offers methods that most everyone can use, and feel confident in the success of their healing treatments for themselves and for others while applying the techniques. Healing is a journey of sharing and harmony that comes from the merging of our own energies with another. Take the time to study and work with those around you. Healing should never deplete your own energies, but rather, you should feel energized from the healing that you receive at the same time you are helping to facilitate healing for others!

The Authors

Serge "Running Wolf" Martel

Serge "Running Wolf" Martel

First exposed to Huna through his Hawaiian relations on his mother’s side, then to the paths of Mohawk Medicine through the hereditary lines of his father, Serge did not limit his learning. He went on to explore techniques in healing and medicine from many various tribal cultures and schools of thought from across the world. He believed that the key word of the Shaman is “adaptability,” and that by incorporating these many diversified techniques it enriches not only his own knowledge, but provides those who come to him for assistance on whatever level, with the best possible healing they can receive. Serge made his transition on October 15, 2008.

A warrior who radiated a calm and gentle spirit, Serge “Running Wolf” Martel was of Mohawk and Hawaiian Heritage. He was an ordained minister, elder and initiated Shaman, and the direct descendant of over nine hundred years of Shamanism. He was adept in the release and clearing of negative and dark energies from people as well as spaces. A versatile and skilled ceremonialist, Serge performed rituals, blessings, cleansings and ceremonies for both homes and businesses.

Serge has given lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and in Europe.

Along with being an exceptional clairvoyant, he was adept and experienced in the ways of “Wisdomkeeper” and “Pathfinder” in the Golden Eagle Ministries of Arizona. Serge has guided many a seeker to their own unique path, as well as helping them regain balance when capricious events and vagaries of life have thrown them off-center.

He wrote and produced a television series entitled Inner Quest Magazine – A Video Journal for the New Age for Warner Communications, and was interviewed and gave readings on several radio talk shows and television productions.

Medicine Man – Shaman – Healer
Serge held a degree in psychology that grounded him and aided him in the sacred journey between the two worlds of the physical and the non-physical. His proficiency as a spiritual counselor brought him clients from all over the world.

Dr. Kim Savino

Dr. Kim Savino

Originally put this manual together for Serge. For that we are all very grateful.
Rev. Martha M. Worsley

Rev. Martha M. Worsley

Spiritual Counseling, like Shaman’s Touch, goes beyond religious belief or dogma and is universally accessible. If the mind is open to the experience, one’s life can be transformed. Spiritual healing can be practiced in as many diverse ways as there are dedicated healers – each one unique in his or her own special gifts and training.

Martha studied Native American healing practices with Serge “Running Wolf” Martel since he started Shaman’s Touch and is a Shaman’s Touch™ Master Teacher. She edited and rewrote the first three manuals and wrote the Teacher and Master Teacher manuals. She is of Choctaw heritage.

Martha is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, having studied with Dr. Doreen Virtue and is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has studied with several Reiki Masters; teaches Usui Reiki, Japanese Reiki Techniques (Martha studied the Japanese Reiki Techniques with Frank Arjava Petter) and Tera Mai Reiki through Shaman’s Touch™.

Founder and President of Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc., Martha practices and teaches Shaman’s Touch™, Angel Voices, Spiritual Counseling, and, of course, Reiki. She is also certified in and practices Divine Energy Healing and Integrated Energy Therapy®. She teaches and presents seminars and workshops throughout the United States, as well as in France. She has led a weekly meditation group for over 27 years. Check out her web!

Martha makes commercial CDs, available at www.CDBaby.com/all/Martha1939 and personalized CDs for specific. individual situations for her clients. Drumming for Shamanic Journeying is a great CD for doing shamanic work.

The website for more information can be found at: www.edenrevisited.com


Shaman’s Touch I

Shaman’s Touch™ is a combination of energy techniques that have been blended together from multiple tribal sources, which includes chakra and aura cleansing, balancing and manipulation practices and a form of Reiki known as Tera Mai™. You will be attuned to the Tera Mai Reiki energy. Shaman’s Touch is a well-rounded healing modality that offers methods that almost everyone can use and feel confident in the success of their healing treatments for themselves and for others. This is only the first of three classes available. There will be a fourth for certified teachers and a 5th for Master Teacher. Prerequisite, Reiki I.

  • Included in this class are:
  • How Energy Works in the Human Body
  • Drawing Energy to Heal
  • Working with Healing your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
  • The energy of your Hands
  • Intuitive Energy
  • The Shamanic Blessing
  • The Hopi Back Technique and several techniques for healing the back
  • Communicating with the Body
  • and much, much more.

You will receive certification in Shaman’s Touch™ I and Tera Mai™ Reiki I.

Shaman’s Touch II

Information and exercises continue in Level II. We will do Shamanic Journeying, connecting with the elements and you’ll learn techniques to assist your client in awakening their Inner Healer. We work with the four bodies and the seven directions and practice muscle testing, energy weaving, the Infinity technique, among others. Prerequisite, Reiki II and Shamanic Touch I.

Included in this class are:

  • Energy focusing techniques
  • Healing with Sound
  • Healing with Color
  • Healing with Crystals
  • The original 3 Reiki Symbols and 5 additional symbols

You will receive certification in Shaman’s Touch™ II and Tera Mai™ Reiki II.

Shaman’s Touch III

We’ll begin with a review of the basics and continue with healing techniques. We’ll work with the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky, strengthening polarity and working deeper with the four elements.

Included in this class are:

  • Sealing the tunnels of energy with fire and earth
  • Exploration of Healing stones
  • Miscellaneous Diagnoses and healing
  • The Spiral vortex, the illumination technique
  • Five Tera Mai Reiki symbols to increase the healing energy
  • The Rivers of Light, or meridians
  • And much more

You will receive certification in Shaman’sTouch™III and Tera Mai™ Reiki III.



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